The Strathmann-Alto fluete: Innovation for the recorder


  Dear friend of music, 
welcome to our website. A new musicinstrument is ready for the musicmarket after many years of research and practical testing: The Strathmann-Alto flute. 

For the first time for flutes: Full identical saxophon-fingeringsystem and automatic keysystem makes an easy tone address possible without special blow- and fingeringtechnique! 

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The Strathmann-Alto flute 
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Professional musicans who expierenced the Strathmann-Alto flute. Papers about the instrument. 
What's the Strathmann-Alto flute: advantages and FAQ's 
Here you find detailed advantages of the Strathmann-Alto flute for saxophonists and recorder players. Also a list of often asked questions will be found.
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Patents and Licenses 
Patents und inventions by Arnfred Strathmann.  

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